Payday loans up to 50,000 euros with CoolCred

Personal loans up to 50,000 euros with CoolCred

The Italians are getting more and more into debt: in fact, according to the data highlighted by the numerous sector studies, first of all the last Barometer edited by Crif, our compatriots do not give up to commit themselves in the long term in order to be able to carry out the projects at they hold. There is therefore growing interest in the consumer credit sector, which in recent months has recorded a particularly positive dynamic, also thanks to the numerous solutions on the market that are becoming increasingly flexible.

This is the case, for example, of the payday loan developed by CoolCred, the multichannel institution which is part of the larger Unicredit group, which offers all interested customers up to € 50,000 to turn dreams into reality. Whether it is a home loan, a car, or simply the need to obtain an extra sum, CoolCred offers a highly customizable loan solution to be repaid within 7 years through variable installments depending on the amount disbursed. Requesting this financing is quite simple, it will be sufficient to be the holder of a current account for at least 6 months. Not only that, one of the strengths of the offer proposed by the institute regards the speed of delivery: those who wish to obtain a figure not exceeding € 15,000 will be able to count on an immediate evaluation of the request that will be made in real time also on Saturday and Sunday. This is an opportunity reserved for customers who are already prevalent, that is all the holders of another credit product of the institution. To find out the monthly amount it is possible to calculate the loan installment through Canule’s comparison service.

Practical debt consolidation

Practical debt consolidation

CoolCred Bank also offers a practical debt consolidation product for those who, having CoolCred more loans in progress, are looking for a more sustainable solution, combining all those that already have a profit in a single loan. The debt consolidation loan studied by the institute provides for an amount ranging from 11,000 to 30,000 euros to be repaid in maximum 72 installments.

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