Ask for a loan at the post office

Ask for a loan at the post office: the solutions available

Ask for a loan at the post office: the solutions available

To get a loan there are more options, you can traditionally turn to your credit institution, a specialized finance company and finally the post office, taking advantage of the Fostal Bank services activated by Poste Italiane.

Let’s see how a postal loan works, in what forms and for what purpose it is proposed.


A Fostal Bank loan can be requested at any post office during normal opening hours, by telephone appointment, and is accessible both to those with a Fostal Bank post office current account and to those who have a bank account. Who owns a Fostal Bank account can take advantage of additional options, dedicated products and promotions.

A classic postal loan, without necessarily having a Fostal Bank account, finances from 3,000 to 30,000 euros, without any expenses, with repayment times ranging from 24 to 84 months. You will need to be resident in Italy and have a monthly income that is compatible with the reimbursement of the requested sum, whether it is income from work or pension. The payment methods, once the loan request has been accepted, depend on the instrument available to the customer:

  • direct credit on Fostal Bank account

  • direct credit on a bank account

  • credit on a postal savings account

  • accreditation on Postepay Evolution card

  • cash at the counter, for a maximum value of 10,000 euros.

For what concerns the reimbursement, if you do not have an account, a booklet or Postepay card where you can activate a direct debit of the pre-established monthly installment, you will have to proceed to the monthly payment of the same through postal bulletin, taking charge of the commission of ‘operation.

Fostal Bank also allows to combine the loan, in an optional form, with an insurance policy to protect the loan against the risk of insolvency due to health or work problems.

Fostal Bank account holders have access to the Flexible Loan option, which allows repayment times to be extended and after the first six months to change the amount or defer payment of one or more installments in case of need.

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